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Welcome to Sharief Marine Products - Fish Meal,Fish Oil and Fish Soluble Paste

Sharief Marine Products Pvt. Ltd welcome you to partner with us. Our mission is to provide fish food industries with the stable supply, high quality and good price. Since 2010 as one of Mangalore’s leading feeds company, Sharief Marine Product Pvt. Ltd. has focused on fish meal and fish oil business.

We have built the most modern processing and packaging facilities in Mangalore. We've adapted Thailand technology for a better product that is processed in extremely controlled and hygienic environment.

The fish is harvested in the clean unpolluted waters of the Arabian Sea, Bay of Bengal and Indian Ocean in India.

Fish Meal

fish meal

Fish Meal is a powder made out of fish especially from Sardine, Mackraul, Tuna, Pink Perch and Fish Oil also is one of the output of these fishes. There are two types of fish meal...

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Fish Oil

fish oil

Fish oil is a by-product produced during the manufacturing process of fishmeal. Our processing plants are located at Ullal, Mangalore from where fish oil produced. Fish oils contain the...

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Quality Policy

quality fish meal

Our quality controllers closely scrutinize the manufacturing process to ensure flawless manufacturing of products. Besides, they also keep a vigil eye on the packaging and storage facility...

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fish meal

Our entire factory is facilitated with modern machines and technologies to ensure the development and delivery of qualitative range of fish meals and fish oils to the market.

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